What Is Porcelain Mug

What Is Porcelain Mug ?

What Is Porcelain Mug Porcelain Latin comes from the word Porsella. While porcelain is a natural substance found in nature, it is baked in ovens at temperatures of 1000 degrees and more, and today it has a modern, solid and white structure.

It contains substances such as kaolin, quartz, feldspar in porcelain. These substances help in the formation of its hard, easily unbreakable structure. The reason why porcelain products are so preferred today is its elegant and white stance, its healthy use in kitchens and its hygienic. It can be used comfortably.

Porcelain Mug Cup – Porcelain Cup – Porcelain Logo Print

For the promotional products made of porcelain, the first and most commonly used products are; porcelain mug cup, porcelain printed plate, porcelain printed mug cup and porcelain cup set.

Our company is the main manufacturer of these products, logo printed porcelain mug cups are among the few companies in the category. Our success is to obtain the final product using the highest quality raw materials of these products.

All kinds of colors and patterns can be applied as printing logo on porcelain mug cups. We produce the highest quality products for company cups with corporate logo, or corporate slogans and launches. As soon as we deliver to our customers. You can reach our products here promotional trophy cups.

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